• Providing labour support and tools, advocacy, trust, knowledge, experience, and consistency.
  • Learn about birthing without fear, comfort measures and how to relax while birthing. Trust yourself and your baby's natural birthing instincts.
  • Prevent postpartum depression. Increase postpartum energy and milk production. Pickup and delivery service.
  • Delicious and nutritious food prepared for your specific needs. Affordable. Time-saving. Vegan, gluten and dairy free menus available.

Supporting Pregnant and Postpartum families with Toronto Doula Care in the GTA.

Welcome to Simply Healthy Family Toronto Doula Services!

We are a group of Toronto doulas, birth doulas and postpartum doulas in Toronto. Our doulas are practitioners, women, mothers, and sisters. We are here to help you ease into parenthood one step at a time. Our company is a one stop shop offering you everything you need to start your parenting journey. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and our team of doulas have years of experience working with families in need of caring from VBACS to homebirths, hospital births, cesarean births, and postpartum depression. Our doulas support moms and dads, single mothers, same sex parents, newly arrived to Canada, and teen mothers.

kelly maslen with daughter toronto brantford doula My name is Kelly Maslen and I'm the owner of Simply Healthy Family Toronto Doula Services. I have been working with families all over the world for 8 years offering a variety of services to help ease the transition for new parents. I am unique in Toronto, the only doula trained as a personal chef, nutritionist and hypnobirthing instructor providing you with maximum support. I specialize in birth and postpartum doula support, breastfeeding support, prenatal nutrition and delicious cooking for a speedy recovery!

As an addition to my company I have chosen an extraordinary team of doulas, and nutritionists, we offer homebirth support, birth pool rentals and placenta encapsulation. We feel confident that our team can help give you what you need during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. We are dedicated to help ease your transition into parenthood through education, advocacy, health and empowerment. You can trust us to give you what you need and guide you through this wonderful journey.

As a doula, I have been perfecting what parents need over the years, researching, listening and offering my help to parents from all over the world. I am privileged to offer our doula services to a place where I lived most of my adult years -- Toronto. I have a beautiful daughter Ella and together we are on our own incredible journey. I hope to share my expertise, knowledge and experience with you.
We provide doula services to central Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, East York and Scarborough.
"Kelly has been my birth doula for both of my children and I often say I would never give birth without her. From the moment my husband and I met with her, we knew that she was going to be invaluable. Her knowledge, calm nature and sense of humour were absolutely priceless. After the births she was available 24 hours a day and even came back to the hospital to help me  settle in to nursing. She has a wide network of professionals to complement her services and is a true expert in her field. I can't say enough good things about Kelly, she is worth every dime and then some."

For a free consultation please contact

email: info@simplyhealthyfamily.com
phone: 416 912 0754 (Toronto area)