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Two Situations When a Person Should Use an Elderly Home Care Service

Here are some situations in which an older person should use an elderly home care service.

They want to be less reliant on their family for everyday help

As people get older, it's common for them to begin relying on their close relatives for help with things like household chores that they're not mobile enough to carry out, meal preparation that they cannot do due to having conditions such as arthritis or help with things like getting dressed. However, not all older people feel comfortable with their family members taking care of them in this way. They may feel that being dependent on their relatives changes their relationship dynamics or that it takes up too much of their family's time.

If an older person is in this situation, then using an elderly home care service could be worthwhile. The employees who provide this service will take on most, if not all of the aforementioned tasks that the older person was relying on their family to do for them. This will not only relieve the person's relatives of these duties and allow them to focus on spending quality time with their elderly loved one when they visit them, but will also mean that the elderly person will not have to worry that their need for extra help is having a negative effect on their relationships with their nearest and dearest.

They are not ready to move into a nursing home but need some extra assistance

Many elderly people do not like the idea of moving into a nursing home until it is absolutely necessary. However, many people who feel this way and are in their twilight years still need some extra assistance on a daily basis. For these individuals, using the services of an elderly home care company is an excellent alternative to making the more drastic decision to live in a nursing home.

Those who provide this service will offer many of the same types of support that the staff at a nursing home will (such as helping with the preparation and serving of meals, assisting the person with taking their prescription medication and helping them to maintain their personal hygiene), but the elderly person will still be able to live in their own home and keep much of their independence. They'll also have the option of using the service as and when they need it (such as, for example, at the weekend when their family are unavailable to help them) rather than having to have carers coming and going from their home every single day. 

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